Words by Bryan Kalbrosky 27 Apr Welcome to Kendrick’s LA—broken down by album, song and lyrical reference. Image courtesy of idrethegiant. Image courtesy of zeroboyzproductions. Context: “I’ve been going to the swap meet my whole life. As a kid, that’s where I used to get all my cassettes, all my CDs. My pops, too—he’d buy music. I’d get my Nikes there. You might see Suge Knight, other folks from Compton.

Music Video Running Diary: Kendrick Lamar – “Backseat Freestyle”

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Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter’s Daughter MP3 Song by Kendrick Lamar from the album good kid, m.A.A.d city. Download Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter’s.

View Your Wish List. In stock, shipping now. Released: May 19, In stock, shipping now. Having west-coast figurehead Dr Dre at his back who picks up executive producer credits surely eases the pressure and with fresh sounding cuts like ‘Swimming Pools Drank ‘ and ‘Backstreet Freestyle’ its easy to sense the torch being passed.

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Kendrick Lamar Lyrics

Kendrick Lamar is arguably one of the hottest hip-hop artists around today. Thanks for that. I was confused by the Eiffel Tower as to where we were.

Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid M.A.A.d City / Polydor from Piccadilly Records. Cat Number: ; Release date: 17 Dec ’12; Format Info: Deluxe vinyl edition, Step forward Kendrick Lamar. Sherane AKA Master Splinter’s Daughter 2.

Dot sleeping with love interest Sherane and then telling his friends about the event, as well as assessing his hometown Compton California after his uncle was shot. However, a music video was never released. As of May , it has over 51 million views. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website.

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Kendrick Lamar Week: His best album

Music is, by its very nature, subjective. Personally, I am not the biggest hip-hop fan; however, I love Kendrick Lamar. My experience with Lamar began during welcome week last year. When I reviewed Good Kid, M. This is Lamar at his angriest, and unfortunately, it does not work.

Kendrick Lamar (promo photo / photographer unknown) listener an idea of how much time has elapsed since K. Dot first left to meet Sherane.

Kendrick Lamar sure knows a colorful cast of characters and each plays a role on his gold-selling debut good kid, m. There’s the homeys O-Boog and Lucky and of course Sherane, the temptress-turned-antagonist in K-Dot’s coming-of-age story. So how do the Compton MC’s real-life friends feel about their lyrical depictions? Well, Sherane not her real name , for one, loves it. It’s all love though. I ain’t got no ill will. Master Splinter’s Daughter,” an introductory story track where K-Dot meets his teenage crush.

Throughout the course of the cinematically driven, critically acclaimed LP, Sherane is repeatedly referenced and is a central part to the story. While on his way to meet her in her neighborhood, Lamar is attacked by gang members, which then leads to a shootout and the death of one of his friends. Kendrick has confirmed that he is working on a visual component to good kid, m.

Video: Tha Bizness Breakdown Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Sherane’

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That story, told non-sequentially, is that of a young Kendrick Lamar Though with the parental phone call of “Sherane” and the main calls is probably Kendrick Lamar’s most popular song to date, “Swimming Pools (Drank)”.

One day, the West Coast emcee was Dr. The previously unreleased Big Sean song featured a now-infamous verse in which Lamar essentially asserted that he was on top of the rap game, and we all believed him, waving as he turned on his blinker and began to pass by every other rapper at miles an hour. Oh how wrong we were. In terms of sheer skill, it may be an objective fact at this point that Kendrick is a lyrical mastermind, and he has never been more aware of his abilities.

After accumulating unimaginable wealth and fame, Kendrick becomes depressed and lonely, feeling like he has abandoned Compton more than his music has helped it. Once Kendrick overcomes the psychological consequences of his notoriety, he also learns that he must fight the temptations that money and popularity bring him. The spoken word segment brings Lamar to terms with both his internal and external demons, as he sets his sights on improving the world at large with his music.

Influenced heavily by free-jazz and old school funk, the album feels like a performance by a live band of which Lamar just happens to be a member. The unconventional beat selection of the record creates the type of flow and symmetry that Lamar surely strived for, however it also makes the album as a whole less accessible than its predecessor. Log In. Keep it Clean.

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Quality music. Sharing his innermost feelings, memories and thoughts, this album will hit a note with people. Everything from the structure, lyrics, packaging and album itself is worthwhile.

Apol, Brandon, “Promise That You Will Sing About Me: Kendrick Lamar in Posterity” (). an introduction and some backstory in Sherane (Master Splinter’s released a week before the scheduled release date due to an error on the.

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Kendrick maad city sample

Widely regarded as one of the best hip-hop records of the decade to date, separating these dozen tracks is splitting hairs. Each song is fantastic in its own right. The most popular songs are not necessarily ranked near the top, and some of the deep cuts are, well, deep cuts for a reason. The Drake feature certainly helped move some extra units, but this love song is one of two of the most dispensable tracks on the LP. Just Blaze puts together a banger beat infused with West Coast synthesizers, a theme reinforced with a verse from West Coast legend Dr.

This bone-chilling intro track sets the tone for the album, in both a sonical and lyrical sense.

Read the story behind the song Money Trees by Kendric Lamar. Lamar refreshes the listener’s minds with a story so far, with sleeping with love interest Sherane and then telling his friends Release Date: 22nd October Songwriter/s: Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, Dacoury Natche, Mutale Simfukwe, Johnny.

Welcome back to Virginia Tech! This year will be different from what any college student has ever experienced before and will bring new challenges. One of the best ways to handle this stressful time is to stay active. Luckily, Virginia Tech has many opportunities to exercise while staying …. March was no doubt a difficult time for most Hokie Nation members. Many were faced with the difficult decision as to whether or not they should stay in Blacksburg, or head home if travel was possible.

All were presented with an almost unpredictable future; one where a fall semester or e…. Hokies have faced many disappointments during this pandemic — online classes, the cancellation of traditions close to our heart like Ring Dance and the Big Event, and separation from friends and family when we need them most. Expectations for his major label release were high and anticipation steadily rose, as the album drop got closer.

It begins when Lamar was a teenager and slowly moves to the present. He discusses everything in an honest way providing an illuminating glimpse into who he is and how his life experiences have affected him. The album is so cohesive it feels wrong to dissect the entire work for the sake of discussion. The consistent sound of the album makes it interconnected, which is a bit surprising considering the diversity of the contributing producers.

A voicemail from his mom trying to get the van back plays at the end of the track.

5 facts about Kendrick Lamar’s album ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’

Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Immediately I got a vibe where I wanted to talk about a specific girl back when I was growing up. A specific story that leads down the line into the album. I got the track and I started writing and I went back home and laid it down.

In which our host makes a movie. SHERANE a.k.a. MASTER SPLINTER’S DAUGHTER – Kendrick opens his concept album with the ending, ala a hip-hop.

Good Kid, M. D City stylized as good kid, m. The album is Lamar’s major label debut, after his independently released first album Section. D City was recorded mostly at several studios in California, with producers such as Dr. Billed as a “short film by Kendrick Lamar” on the album cover, the concept album follows the story of Lamar’s teenage experiences in the drug-infested streets and gang lifestyle of his native Compton. The album received widespread acclaim from critics, who praised its thematic scope and Lamar’s lyrics.

D City debuted at number two on the US Billboard , selling , copies in its first week — earning the highest first-week hip hop album sales of from a male artist, along with the best-selling debut from a male artist of the year. The album was also named to many end-of-the-year lists, often topping them. By April , the album had sold 1. All five singles achieved chart success, of varying degrees. Lamar also went on a world tour between May and August , featuring the other members of the hip hop collective , Black Hippy.

Kendrick Lamar’s girlfriend Sherane’s sexiest photos

Art By: Jack Carrington. Kendrick Lamar wrote his major-label debut, good kid, m. Like most teenagers, his primary focus in life was a girl named Sherane and a few neighborhood friends. Both album and film depict black youth coming of age in-between adolescence and manhood. These are two stories themed around choices and how those choices play out in black, Los Angeles cities through the eyes of young black boys with parents who love them.

Despite their parental guidance, good kid, m.

Sherane A.k.a. Master Splinter’s Daughter is a track by Kendrick Lamar from the Date updated 06/28/ , Member UnoriginalJason3, Track ratings.

Alcoholism and peer pressure are major themes in this song hence the name and it is evident through analysis of the lyrics. In the intro, Kendrick describes how parties progress from taking lots of shots, to being very drunk, and eventually to passing out. He describes how his grandfather was an alcoholic and why people drink. They do it to either fit in, because they like the buzz, to dull their pain, or to conform to peer pressure. In the chorus, Kendrick elaborates on the peer pressure he experienced at that party.

People came up to him and called him out for not drinking and told him to take a few more shots. They were trying to help him have a good time but to Kendrick he was not about it. Lamar views all the liquor he sees around him as enough to fill a swimming pool which concerns him. The analogy of diving in is meant to be becoming drunk off the liquor and he compares it to all the girls diving in like the characters in the TV show Baywatch. Eventually Kendrick relents and he dives in and the intro lines repeat where he drinks in excess and becomes very drunk.

In the next verse, Kendrick raps from the perspective of his inner conscience trying to lead him to safety. He gets liquor courage and sees a girl and decides to drink more and then go talk to her thinking he is now more suave because of the alcohol which is not a good mindset. Kendrick and the girl are assumed to have sex at this point as they are free from the restraints of anxiety due to alcohol and it can be said that they may be taking advantage of each other.

As the party goes on Kendrick is once again pressured into drinking more because some people think he is barely partying enough.

Kendrick Lamar Talks About A Psycho Fan Encounter, Ghosts, UFOs, And More!